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All-in-one Insurance & Benefits Platform Reimagines Self-employed Solutions

April 08, 2021 (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) – Woligo, which provides insurance, benefits, banking and retirement solutions to independent workers and small business owners, announced today the launch of its platform. Woligo connects self-employed workers to products and services that support their work, lives and financial well-being. 

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Woligo was created to increase accessibility and ease when obtaining necessary business resources. Its founders realized that although insurance and benefits are available to self-employed workers and small business owners, they are often offered through disparate, unrelated institutions. Woligo venture manager Jennifer Dunn said, “We also know that most people don’t speak in insurance and banking lingo. They want simple answers instead of weeding through jargon.”

Woligo is part of the Cameron Group along with INSURICA, First Fidelity Bank, American Public Life and many other companies that provide health, human resource, and financial security solutions to help customers meet their goals. Woligo’s integrated platform aggregates business insurance options from INSURICA; banking and retirement services from First Fidelity Bank; and personal insurance and benefits, including disability insurance, accident insurance and telehealth from Assurity, Manhattan Life and New Benefits, respectively. Woligo also offers resources and content to educate business owners about their options and the importance of insurance.

Woligo venture manager Rich Datz says the company has the experience that counts. “With three insurance companies, three insurance brokers, and two companies focused on serving small businesses — and over 60 years of experience navigating setbacks and successes — we understand what it takes to not only survive, but to thrive,” he said. “We’re here to help our customers do the same thing.”

About Woligo

Woligo (WŌ-luh-go = Work-Life-Go), is here for the self-employed professionals, small business owners and anyone else who is the boss of themselves and their business. By pairing you with insurance, benefits and banking and retirement solutions, we help you find stability while preserving the freedom and flexibility of your work-life world. We are part of the Cameron Group.

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