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There when you need it, business auto insurance helps protect your work vehicles and your small business as a whole. Accidents can become expensive, especially if the driver at fault is you or your employee. Our insurance policies step in to help cover damages, medical expenses, and more for independent contractors, small business owners, and other self-made bosses like you.

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Even when you drive as safely as possible, auto accidents can happen. We don’t have ultimate control over how other people on the road drive, or, for that matter, how well your employees drive. What is a way to protect your business and its vehicles? Take out a business auto insurance policy.

Driving to client meetings, driving to serve a client’s home, driving a rental car while on a business trip — driving is often a big part of an independent worker’s role. That makes keeping that car, truck, or van insured vital.

Business auto insurance (also known as commercial auto insurance) helps cover physical damage and liability for accidents or fender benders that happen while driving a business-owned vehicle or using a vehicle for business purposes.

As with personal auto insurance, the cost of business auto insurance fluctuates depending on the type of car you drive and other personal factors. Your premium will be calculated based on:

  • The driving record of all drivers who will be operating vehicles for work-related activities
  • The make, model, and year of your vehicles
  • How far you and your employees will be driving commercial vehicles
  • What the vehicles will be used for

The more people driving company-owned vehicles on the clock — and the more miles they travel — the higher your commercial vehicle insurance premium will be. The best way to know how much you can expect to pay for commercial auto insurance is to request a quote.

Each business auto insurance policy varies depending on the coverages included. Most policies help cover the damaged property and medical expenses incurred due to an auto accident while involved in business activities.

Depending on your needs, your policy may also include:

  • Downtime loss coverage - helps cover any income your business loses while your vehicle(s) are inoperable.
  • Rental reimbursement coverage - helps cover the costs to rent a car while your vehicle(s) are inoperable.
  • Towing coverage - helps cover towing fees if you are not able to drive your car.

Business auto insurance doesn’t just cover trucks or work vehicles. It may also extend to regular, four-door sedans owned by employees but operated for business purposes. If the vehicle is used to accomplish a job, then it may be able to be included in your policy. Please note that vehicles used to commute to work usually do not require commercial auto insurance.

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If your business owns, leases, or rents vehicles, the answer is yes. Your business should have commercial auto insurance. The more vehicles you own, lease, or rent, the greater the need for coverage.

Personal car insurance was not intended for businesses, so the coverage may not properly cover certain losses and damages when the vehicle was in use for business purposes. Without the correct coverage, your business might be hit with big bills to pay. Business auto insurance can help protect your business and your vehicles so you can rest easy.

The Woligo team is ready to answer all of your questions about business auto insurance, and to help you find the right policy for your business.