Insurance for independent
architecture & design workers

solutions for freelance architects and designers


You need a plan to protect your livelihood

Being a freelance architect or designer would be so much easier if everything always went according to plan. But as you know — that’s not how it works. Deadlines aren’t always met, and you may make unintended errors that lead to big problems. Insurance helps protect you and your business from the unexpected.


provides a portion of your business income when a covered injury or illness prevents you from working

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helps pay for court costs or settlements if a client files a claim against you

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helps protect your business if you are responsible for property damage or bodily injury

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helps make sure family members have financial assistance if you aren’t around anymore

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Professional liability insurance is a necessity for a freelance architect and designers.

An architectural project could experience major delays because of a blueprint oversight, or a designer makes a mistake or is accused of stealing a design. In both of these scenarios — and others, too — your business could be liable and end up with hefty legal fees. Whether the claims against you are founded or not, they can stack up and ruin your business without proper architect insurance.

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