Insurance solutions for real estate professionals.

for realtors, property managers, real estate brokers, commercial realtors & agents


Insurance to help protect your own assets

As those in the industry know — being in real estate means constant juggling of the interests of multiple parties. But who is looking out for your best interests? That’s up to you. With our insurance and benefits solutions, we can help cover you if an unhappy client files a claim against your business or if you become injured and can no longer work.


pays benefits to you if a covered illness or injury keeps you out of work

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helps provide support if an unsatisfied client sues for errors, negligence, or other mistakes

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helps cover your business in the event of property damage or bodily injury claims

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helps secure a future with enough income that you can live stress-free

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Realtors & Property Managers must protect themselves from professional mistakes.

Day in and day out, people rely on you to help them find and settle into their homes. There often can be many emotions tied up in those transactions, which is why an oversight on your part or an inability to deliver on promises can quickly spiral into a situation where you’re being sued by a disgruntled client. Professional liability insurance helps protect yourself and your business from the inherent risks of your work.

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