Personal insurance for independent workers.


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Disability Insurance

If you’re an independent contractor or running a small business, disability insurance is likely super important to your work-life world. Why? If you become sick or injured and can’t work for some time (and it’s confirmed by a doctor) disability insurance is designed to cover up to about 60% of your paycheck or income. That’s why it’s sometimes nicknamed “paycheck protection.” Basically, disability insurance for independent contractors is designed to help make ends meet until you get back on your feet.

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Accident Insurance

$18.33 / month for individuals
$33.33 / month for family

If you have an injury from an unexpected accident — big or small, in work or life — accident insurance might just be your most unexpected hero. Accident insurance works by paying you directly (not your doctor’s office) so you can use the money as you need to. Self-employed individuals can use accident insurance to pay business or household bills, food and gas, or medical expenses like co-pays. You decide!

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Life Insurance

Why should you think about life insurance? It’s one way to rest easy knowing the people in your life will receive financial assistance in the event of your passing. Life insurance is particularly important in the prime adult years of your life, because these years are often the most expensive for the people you love. Life insurance can provide them with the financial means to help with costs like cars, mortgages, college, everyday living, and even funeral expenses.

Individual Health Insurance

As an independent contractor or worker, you decide when you work, who you work for, and what projects you work on. And you deserve that same flexibility to apply to your health insurance. Finding the right health plan that meets your needs also meets the needs of your business.


Short Term Health Insurance

Many instances could suddenly leave you without health insurance, like getting laid off, changing jobs, or getting divorced. The worst thing you could do is risk a gap in health coverage because you could also be risking sky-high debt from medical bills if something happened during that time. Short term insurance is another type of health insurance that can begin as soon as the next day and help serve as a parachute while you land back on your feet. Short term plans require medical underwriting for approval and are considered catastrophic plans.




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