Personal and business insurance for independent consultants.

protect your livelihood with smart insurance for consultants


Make the best decision for your business and life.

Whether you have a consulting firm or an individual practice, you’ve worked hard to build up your consulting business, and that’s why it warrants protection from catastrophe. A lawsuit because of a mistake can quickly erode your business, and an injury or illness can cause major losses. Locking in business insurance for consultants will help alleviate some of that worry.


helps protect your consulting business from unfortunate errors or unintended mistakes
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receive income protection to help cover your basic needs if you are unable to work due to a covered injury or illness
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know that your family will have help covering expenses, even if you’re no longer around
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helps cover your business if an accident or lawsuit threatens what you’ve built
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Business insurance coverage for consultants.

Professional liability insurance (also known as E&O – errors & omissions insurance) is a standard type of business insurance for independent consultants.

Your consulting clients look to you to solve their problems, and the solutions you suggest, for better or worse, may determine the lifespan and health of their organization. One unhappy client could lead to a messy lawsuit and expensive legal fees, putting your business and livelihood on the line. Liability insurance protects businesses from the unexpected. That’s why professional liability insurance coverage for consultants is a necessity.

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