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Family Pets Discount Plans

From veterinary services to prescriptions for your four-legged family members, the Woligo Family Pets Discount Plan helps make sure your pets receive the best care while saving you money. Get access to discounts on:

• Pet Care
Keep your pets happy, healthy, and safe with discounts on vet care, pet prescriptions, and a lost pet notification system.

• Pet Telehealth
NB Pet Telehealth by GoLexi helps make caring for your eligible pets affordable and convenient with 24/7 access to no-fee veterinary consultations by phone or video.

• Prescriptions for pets
Substantial cost savings and the convenience of home delivery on pet prescriptions and more!

• Counseling Services
For humans, because you need support too! Let experienced counselors help address personal problems from the comfort and convenience of home.

Pet Care

Caring for pets can be rrrrruff! Keep your pets happy and healthy with discounts on everything from toys and treats to vet visits and eats! You can save on prescription medications and foods, veterinary services, a GPS-enabled lost pet notification system, and more.

  • 25% off all in-house medical services at participating veterinarians
  • 25% off most purchases from, including prescriptions and preventatives
  • 24/7 Lost Pet Recovery Service, with pet tags for each enrolled pet
  • 35% off monthly Pin Paws membership with GPS-enabled lost pet notification system

Pet Telehealth

NB Pet Telehealth by GoLexi helps make caring for them affordable and convenient. With 24/7 access to a trusted network of veterinarians, you can ask questions, discuss behavioral issues, training, and even get help determining if a trip to the ER or primary veterinarian is necessary.

Get the advice you need for eligible pets with real-time, no-fee consultations by phone or video, and give them the love and attention they deserve. NB Pet Telehealth is for non-emergency, non-urgent treatment, and acts as a supplement for visits with a primary veterinarian. NB Pet Telehealth veterinarians cannot diagnose pets or prescribe medications.

  • Unlimited access to no-fee veterinary consultations for all eligible pets in your home
  • Around the clock advice, anytime, anywhere
  • Once scheduled, consultations start within one hour

Prescriptions for pets

Keeping your pet healthy can be expensive, especially with longer lifespans and advanced veterinary care. Luckily, NB Pet Rx makes it easy and affordable with simple pricing and fast delivery on pet medications.

As a member, you can enjoy big savings of up to 70% compared to the vet’s office and up to 90% off on human generics for your furry friend. Just provide your pet and vet details during checkout, and we’ll take care of contacting your vet and shipping your pet’s medications directly to your door. We offer a wide range of over 1,500 prescription and over-the-counter products for all of your pet care needs.

  • Shipping to ALL 50 states
  • NB Pet Rx contacts the vet’s office for the prescription and ships directly you
  • Hard-to-find medications available

Counseling Services

Our pet discount plan includes counseling services for owners, because just like your pets, we believe you deserve the support you need to thrive together.

Need to talk it out? Let experienced counselors help address personal problems from the comfort and convenience of home. Call 24/7 for an assessment, then schedule up to six free phone sessions to discuss job issues, financial or legal stress, relationship issues, grief or loss, and more.

  • Sessions are typically available within three business days of your initial call
  • Get help determining the best course of action with strategies like goal setting, and solution-focused problem-solving
  • All counselors have a master’s degree and at least five years of experience
  • Counseling Services does not provide financial or legal advice, but can assist with stress and anxiety caused by financial or legal issues