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Gain confidence that your business will weather any storm

In the accounting and finance profession, you handle sensitive information and help clients make critical decisions about their finances. There’s a lot at stake for them — and for you. Our insurance and benefits solutions help protect your financial livelihood in case of mistakes, lawsuits, or personal injury.


Financial protection if you aren’t able to work due to a covered illness or injury

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Helps cover your business if there are repercussions from mistakes or poor advice

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Protection from covered loss if your workspace is damaged or your company is liable for damage

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Plan your own finances to help you be set later in life

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The risk of a malpractice claim is high.

Individuals, businesses, and families rely on your expertise to help them manage not only their finances and assets, but also their dreams. They trust you. If they feel that trust is broken, whether or not you are at fault, a lawsuit could easily cripple your business. Take preventative measures today by implementing our simple solutions.

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Male accountant reviews finances with two female clients