One small accident can quickly snowball into a catastrophe. Accident Insurance helps cover bills and out-of-pocket medical expenses for unforeseen accidents to you or a family member.

Accident Policy Monthly Rates
24-hr coverage for accidents that happen on and off the job!




Self-employed workers have a lot of freedom, but they typically miss out on benefits such as PTO and workers’ compensation. Many employees can receive workers’ compensation benefits if they become injured at work. Or, they may be able to use PTO to receive a paycheck even while they are healing and out of the office. Independent workers don’t usually have this luxury, which can create a lot of stress.

Accident insurance helps provide financial protection for those who may become injured or deceased due to an unexpected accident. The insurance benefits help cover out-of-pocket medical expenses and other bills that emerge while you are healing from your injury. It works alongside your primary health plan, making payable benefits directly to your pocket instead of to the medical facilities that are treating you.

It is complementary to disability insurance because you can receive benefits even if your injury doesn’t prohibit you from working. The greatest benefit is that it helps provide a financial cushion that may help give peace of mind.

Accident Policy Monthly Rates
24-hr coverage for accidents that happen on and off the job!

If you have an injury from an unexpected accident — big or small, in work or life — accident insurance might just be your most unexpected hero. Accident insurance works by paying you directly (not your doctor’s office) so you can use the money as you need to. Self-employed individuals can use accident insurance to help pay business or household bills, food and gas, or medical expenses like co-pays. You decide! It can add one more piece of financial protection for independent contractors.

Benefits, both medical and non-medical, can be available through accident insurance benefits. This can include benefits related to various medical events, whether or not they are covered by your health plan. This can help cover medical bills charged to you before you reach your deductible.

This is not a comprehensive list, but the benefits generally offered through accident insurance may include:

  • Hospital admission and confinement
  • Intensive care unit
  • Air and ground ambulance
  • Emergency room treatment
  • Emergency dental
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Surgery
  • Dislocations
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Dismemberments
  • Eye injuries
  • Major diagnostic exams
  • Accidental death

Accident insurance benefits are generally not payable if your injury was received under the following conditions:

  • Any condition covered by a workers' compensation or occupational disease law
  • Suicide or attempted suicide
  • Intentionall self-inflicted injury
  • Any act of war
  • Participation in a riot
  • Injury incurred while on full-time active military duty
  • Injury while engaged in illegal activity
  • And more

Accident insurance is available for self-employed workers at a competitive price. Many independent workers may expect to pay high teens or low 20s for their premium.

Of course, your monthly premium for accident insurance may also be increased if your policy is covering multiple people. For example, your premium will be higher if the policy is insuring you, your spouse, and your child as opposed to just you.