Woligo launches insurance buying app

Woligo Launches Application to Simplify Insurance Buying Experience

October 18, 2022 (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) – Woligo, a digital insurance and benefits hub, has officially launched a new automation tool that helps simplify the insurance buying experience through a highly interactive insurance needs assessment and product recommendations.

Woligo was created to help improve the lives of small business owners, and this application is a giant leap in that direction. The personalized application enables customers to easily obtain no obligation, custom quotes online and apply for multiple insurance products simultaneously.

The development of the new customer-driven tool was led by Jennifer Dunn, Woligo Venture Manager, whose career in technology spans over 25 years. 

“My husband owns a small business, so I know from firsthand experience that time and budget management are incredibly valuable to the self-employed.  Small business owners also must not only protect their businesses but also their families and income.  No one enjoys shopping for insurance, so our team attempted to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes throughout the development of this application.  How can we make the insurance buying process easier. . . provide business owners with the answers they need to make decisions for their work and life more quickly and easily,” said Mrs. Dunn.  

“We also went a step further – for customers that don’t know what type of insurance they need with a “Get Advice” tool that will guide them through a simple question and answer process,” she continued. “At the end, customers will receive custom insurance recommendations based on their individual needs.”

Woligo launched their online platform last year to offer personal insurance (disability, accident, and life insurance solutions), business insurance, health insurance, benefits, and banking solutions curated for independent workers and small business owners. Woligo is passionate about the small business community and continues to innovate and improve the insurance buying experience for small business owners.

To experience the new Woligo insurance buying journey for professionals and small business owners, click here.

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Woligo (WŌ-luh-go = Work-Life-Go) pairs hard working independent professionals, self-employed individuals, and small business owners with insurance, benefits, and banking and retirement solutions to protect themselves, their income, and their family. Woligo is part of the Cameron Group, a family of companies that has successfully provided insurance, benefit, and banking solutions to customers for over 60 years. Visit www.woligonow.com for more information.

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