Health insurance for independent workers and small businesses.

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Individual Health Insurance

As an independent contractor or worker, you decide when you work, who you work for, and what projects you work on. And you deserve that same flexibility to apply to your health insurance. Finding the right health plan that meets your needs also meets the needs of your business.

Nearly one in five were uninsured because they found signing up was too difficult or confusing, or they could not find a plan to meet their needs.

Kaiser Family Foundation, 2020 : Key Facts about the Uninsured Population | KFF

Short Term Health Insurance


Many instances could suddenly leave you without health insurance, like getting laid off, changing jobs, or getting divorced. The worst thing you could do is risk a gap in health coverage because you could also be risking sky-high debt from medical bills if something happened during that time. Short term insurance is another type of health insurance that can begin as soon as the next day and help serve as a parachute while you land back on your feet. Short term plans require medical underwriting for approval and are considered catastrophic plans.

Group Health Insurance


Group health insurance was designed with you and your small business in mind. As a small business owner, it’s essential to recruit and retain top talent, and health insurance is one of the most sought-after benefits that can help attract job seekers. But more than that, caring about your employee’s wellbeing is something they will thank you for. 

If everyone in the United States received recommended clinical preventive care, we could save over 100,000 lives each year.

Centers for Disease Control, 2016 : Provision of Clinical Preventive Services by Community Pharmacists (


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Medicare + even more options

Open a short term account to support your health.

Are you over 65 and interested in Medicare?  Woligo has your covered!  Many benefits can contribute to your overall health – and some just make life easier. We are also proud to offer dental, vision, and travel insurance. 


Affordable health insurance solutions designed to support you.

Health insurance is a way to help pay for medical expenses and protect someone from paying the total costs of medical services if they are injured, sick or simply going for routine visits. The quality of one’s health can impact their productivity or even their ability to work.

For an independent contractor, a medical issue might mean not serving your clients and losing out on income. For a small business owner, that might mean a sick employee in the office, if they can even come in and work at all. 

Woligo established a strong team of professionals for this very reason – to be able to offer you a quick and easy process of sorting through different types of health insurance and obtaining health insurance. Whether you are a freelancer looking for your own insurance or a small business owner seeking a health plan for your employees, we are ready to find the best option for you.

  • Get a quote within minutes
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  • Compare types of health insurance from private carriers and the Marketplace
  • Sign up is easy – we do the hard part for you
  • We provide year-round service for billing or claims issues


2024 Open Enrollment

The 2024 Open Enrollment Period (OEP) begins November 1, 2023 and ends January 15, 2024, in most states. Medicare open enrollment begins October 15th and ends December 7th, 2023. During this time anyone can shop their options.

Coverage for the 2024 Open Enrollment starts January 1, 2024 if you ENROLL BY December 15th, 2023. Enroll AFTER December 15th, 2023 for a February 1st, 2024 effective date.