Woligo partners with first fidelity bank

Woligo Partners with First Fidelity Bank for Banking & Retirement Solutions for Self-employed and Small Business Owners

January 4, 2022 (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) – Woligo has teamed up with First Fidelity Bank, a Cameron Group partner, to offer banking and retirement solutions including personal checking, business checking, Individual Retirement Account options and Health Savings Plans. Woligo offers a variety of insurance, benefits, banking, and retirement solutions to independent workers and small business owners.

“The goal of financial security dictates many of the decisions the self-employed make about their buying choices. With all the venture capital backed InsurTech and fintech startups in the marketplace, customers want reassurances that they are building a relationship with a company that has an established history,” said, Jennifer Dunn, Woligo Venture Manager. “As a Cameron Group company, Woligo has the benefit of providing insurance, benefit, banking and retirement options that are backed by our established sister companies. First Fidelity Bank has been a trusted community bank since 1920, and we are excited to offer banking and retirement solutions through this partnership to our small business customers.”

“First Fidelity Bank is excited to partner with Woligo. We’re always looking for ways to provide convenient products and services that will best serve our clients,” said Lee Symcox, First Fidelity Bank’s CEO. “We feel Woligo fills an important niche with the backing of a bank that’s held strong for over 100 years.”

Self-employed professionals and small business owners can easily apply for personal and business checking accounts, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), and Health Savings Account (HSA) by going to (www.woligonow.com).

About Woligo

Woligo (WŌ-luh-go = Work-Life-Go) is here for the self-employed professionals, small business owners, and anyone else who is the boss of themselves and their business. By pairing you with insurance, benefits, and banking and retirement solutions, we help you find stability while preserving the freedom and flexibility of your work-life world. We are part of the Cameron Group, along with INSURICA, First Fidelity Bank, American Fidelity, and other companies.

About First Fidelity Bank

First Fidelity Bank opened our doors in 1920. We are a full-service financial institution with tailored solutions for commercial and retail clients. Services include deposit accounts, treasury services, loans, investments, and insurance. Based in Oklahoma, we also have branches in Arizona, and Colorado.

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