Meet WIAT:
Woligo Insurance Assessment Tool

Woligo Insurance Assessment Tool

Simplifying the Insurance Shopping Process

The Woligo Insurance Assessment Tool (WIAT) was designed to make your life easier when it comes to securing the protection you need. You can get a quote and apply for insurance products anytime, anywhere, making it a convenient solution for busy individuals seeking insurance coverage on the go.

Finding the right insurance coverage can be a daunting task, but with WIAT, you can get a quote and explore various options in just a few clicks.

Meet WIAT:
Woligo Insurance Assessment Tool

  • Fast and easy quotes
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Multiple insurance types to choose from

Recommended Solutions

WIAT can help recommend insurance and benefit products based on your individual needs, such as disability insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, and affordable discount plans that can help give you access to TeleHealth services, roadside assistance, identity theft monitoring, and more!

Interactive Quoting Capabilities

Once WIAT populates your quote for accident insurance or disability insurance, you can adjust the coverage suggested, like decreasing the wait time before your benefits kick in or changing the coverage amount, and instantly see how that changes the price you pay.

Get Started Today

Don’t wait any longer to find the right insurance coverage. Get started with WIAT and experience the convenience of receiving personalized recommendations and instant quotes for some of Woligo’s most popular insurance products.

WIAT Frequently Asked Questions

How does WIAT work?

  1. Do you already know what type of insurance you need?Answer a few basic questions about your personal details such as your occupation, monthly income, and state of residence for a custom quote and to apply online.
  2. Do you know you need insurance, but aren’t sure which type?Click on the “I Need Advice” link at any time to use WIAT’s Decision Support Tools. By answering questions about yourself, your loved ones, and your work, WIAT will help guide you to the coverage options best suited for your needs.
  3. See Your Recommended Solutions and QuotesWIAT will recommend solutions and estimate your monthly premium based on the information you provide!

Does WIAT save my information?

If you create a profile, WIAT will save your quotes for 30 days so they can easily be accessed again. If you start an application for disability insurance but need time to finish later, you can also log into your account and pick up where you left off for up to 30 days.

Do I have to create a profile in WIAT to get a quote?

While a profile is not required to obtain a quote, a profile is required to use the Decision Support Tools that help recommend products based on your individual needs and to apply for insurance products through WIAT.

You will be given the opportunity to create a profile in WIAT after you have answered the questions to generate your quote (or you can create one before obtaining a quote if you prefer). Having a profile will allow you to leave your insurance application and pick up where you left off at a more convenient time. It will also allow you to access old quotes and will prevent you from having to re-enter your personal details if you apply for a new insurance product. Your profile information will also help us to best assist you if you need to contact Woligo’s customer support.

What is the difference between Wolly and WIAT?

Wolly is Woligo’s virtual assistant. Wolly can help answer questions about Woligo products and solutions to best educate you along your insurance buying journey. WIAT is the Woligo Insurance Assessment Tool. WIAT is an application that allows you to obtain custom quotes and apply for insurance online. Wolly is here to help if you have questions or need assistance while you are using WIAT to shop for insurance.